What Type of Educational Courses Are Nurses Required to Take?

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What Type of Educational Courses Are Nurses Required to Take?

Many people enter the field of nursing because they enjoy a challenge, love helping other people, and appreciate the job security and salary that comes with being a nurse. Before becoming a nurse, you will need to obtain a degree from a nursing career school. The types of classes required in nursing school will depend on the specific program, but there are a few general classes that most programs require students to take before graduating.

A few of the courses that are commonly required by nursing schools include:
• Human Anatomy
• Psychology
• Physiology
• Basic Nutrition
• Health Promotion
• Human Development
• Communication
• Chemistry
• Microbiology
• Maternity Nursing
• Pharmacology
• Nursing Science

Even though basic math and science are usually required, you don’t have to be a math or science enthusiast in order to enjoy the field of nursing. However, you should have a strong interest in how the body functions (physiology) and the anatomy of the human body. If you currently struggle with math and science, there’s no need to worry. Tutors at your nursing career college will help you with classes that you struggle in and, soon enough, you will gain a firm grasp on subjects that were once a challenge for you.

Nurses have the opportunity to advance in their field by taking additional coursework and by gaining hands-on experience. For example, a nurse who is striving to become a nurse practitioner may take more heavy-duty courses such as advanced anatomy and physiology, advanced pathophysiology, research, abnormal psychology, statistics, nursing theory, community health, advanced primary care of families, and so on. Nurses who choose to become nurse practitioners may also be required to write a thesis and to accomplish extensive clinical experience.

If you are pursuing a career as a registered nurse (RN), then you will be required to earn a nursing program associate degree or a 4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). If you are not interested in pursuing teaching, administrative, or research positions as a nurse, then completing an associate degree program from an accredited conventional or online nursing career school may be all that you need to begin your career. These programs typically take between 2-3 years to complete.

If your goal is have greater flexibility in your nursing career, than a 4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing program will make more sense. Once you have obtained your degree in nursing, you will be able to continue your education in order to achieve a Master of Science in Nursing or to focus on a nursing specialty if desired.

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